We Bhrigu Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Providing Services As A Leading Quality Conscious Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Of Ayurvedic Medicines From 25 Years. The Company Has Built A Strong Production Base Comprising More Than 200 Formulations In Various Dosage Forms In Almost All Categories.

Company Was Founded In 1993 By Sh. J.K. Shastri (Ayurvedic Acharya ). At The Age Of 87 Years. He Has Fire To Serve The Humanity, To Treat Patient With Ayurvedic Medicines Last 26 Years. For Us Ayurveda Is Passion, Working 24×7 For Its Upliftment. It Is An Ancient Pathy Researched By Our Ancestors, Rishis ( Call Them Great Scientist) For The Well Being Of Patient In Ayurveda Company.

Balanced Dosha (humors), healthy agni, a good state of tissues, and their metabolic end products lead to a balanced state of the sense, mind and sprit, all of which lead to good health.

Bhrigu Pharma Is Not Ayurveda Medicine Manufacturer Factory But It Is A Mission To Procure Peoples Of World Every Year. Company Has Own Research & Development (R & D) With A Team Of 10 Doctors. Which Are Regular Working On New Ideas And Invention To Keep Human Being Fit & Healthy With Ayurvedic Medicines.

With This Strength The Company Grow & Forms Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Herbal soaps, Herbal Juices, Cream/Ointment, Hair Oil, Massage Oil, Gel, Powder And Granules. Not Only The Product Increased But Quality Also Improved. We Fix Our Targets, Try To Achieve By Our Own Research & Development & Passes To The Chain Of Our Distributors At Any Reasonable Price.

Bhrigu Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Had An Extensive Representation In More Than 20 States Of India With A Network Of 200 Distributors. More Than 150 Marketing Companies And Some Of Companies Among Them Are Also Exporting Medicines Manufactured By Us.

The Company Grew Many Folds. The Company Moved To Built Excellent Infrastructure In Par With The World Standards And Company Was Awarded With GMP And ISO Certification. It Is Having Own Manufacturing Based On R & D, His Professional Technology Serves Human Health โ€œAs The Mission And Customer Oriented โ€œ Efficiency And Employee Achievementโ€ As The Corporate In KWATHA And ARKA.