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Bdforte syrup

Each 10ml Contains:
Gurmar Buti – 800mg
Mal kangani – 200mg
Chirayta – 100mg
Shilajit – 50mg
Tejpater – 400mg
Ashwagandha – 200mg
Vijay sar – 500mg
Methi – 500mg
Karala – 500mg
Jamun – 500mg
Flavour & Colour – q.s.

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Also Available:- 200ml & combo kit pack
• Help to stimulate pancreatic function and regulates insulin production.
• Helps to improve digestion & corrects metabolic system,so helps to control madhu-meh
• Helps to orotect against sides effect of Dhatus ,Weakness of Neuro system& Neohropathy etc.
• Helps to maintain Health & energy of body.
Adults: 10 to 20 ml with water twice a day or as directed by the physician


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