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Haempure Syrup

Each 10 ml. contains aqueous extract
derived from :
(Majeeth) Rublacoedifolia -500mg
(Khair Chhal) Acacia catechu -200mg
(Daru Haldi) Barberis Aristata -200mg
(Chiraita) Swertin Chrata -100mg
(Kalmegh) Andrographis Paricilat -200mg
(Pitt papra) Fumaria parviflora -200mg
(Harade) Tenminalia Chebula- 600mg
(Guduchi) Tinospora Cordifolia -200mg
(Gorach Mundi) Sphaeranthus Indicus- 60mg
(Adusa) Adhatada Vaslca -400mg
Stevia Base                q.s.
Colour & Flavour          q.s.

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Also Available : 100ml & combo kit pack
• This is a nano blood purifier.
• Very beneficial for all type of healthy problem related to blood & skin.
• Beneficial for all types of skin diseases including microbial infections
• Beneficial for Discolouration of skin, pimples\ Acne vulgaris
• Helps to Diseases due to vitiation of pitta & Rakta.
The Herbal Remedy
For skin diseases such as acne vulgaris,boils,skin rashes, blemishes,urticaria etc.

Dosage : 10 to 20 ml twice a day or as directed by yhe physician.
Children: 5 to 10 ml twice a day or as directed by the physician.


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