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Pedcare syrup

Each 10 ml. contains aqueous extract derived from :
Trifla – 500mg
Shilajit- 200mg
Gajwan – 200mg
Munakka- 200mg
Chirayta – 200mg
Pushkar Mool – 200mg
Ashwagandha- 200mg
Satavar – 200mg
Via Widang – 200mg
Pudina – 200mg
Tankhan – 200mg
Sugar – q.s.

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Also Available : 200ml
Benefits :-
Bed wetting means excretion of urine while Sleeping.
This is a common problem with the under aged kids,
Because of this; they feel ashamed inferior.
3 basic reason behind bed wetting are :-
1. Urinary infection
2. Lack of maturity at mental or intellectual level
3. Presence of worms in the stomach.
This syrup is a formulation of precious Ayurvedic herbs, being effective in controlling the urine excretion while sleep and helps the children to get rid from inferiority complex.

Adults: 10 to 20 ml with water twice a day or as directed by the physician
Children : 5 to 10 ml with water twice a day or as directed by the physician



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