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Pil-Ease Capusle


Each capsules contains (30 Capsules):
Terbine ( Shankh Bhasm) 50mg
Iron Oxide ( Loh Bhasm) 50mg
Azadiiarachta *Neem seed) 100mg
Ipomea Headeracea ( Kala Dana) 50 mg
Terbinelia Chebula ( Harad ) 50mg
Zinigiber Officinale ( Saunth) 50 mg
Curcuma- Zedorita (Kachur) 100mg
Barberis Aristata ( Daru haldi) 50 mg

Each Capsule contains ( 5 Capsules) :

Aranda seeds 100mg
Shudh Jamalgota 50 mg
Snaya 100mg
Trivrit 50 mg
Mirch 30 mg
Pippla 40 mg
Harad 80 mg

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Shrinks pie Mass, Controls Bleeding Heals Inflamed skin & the Mucus Membrane
Also available: 200ml
• Helps in giving support to the unborn state of the vascular system
• Gives soothing alleviation to the anal expanse.
• Supports the formula step of the venous walls.
• Helps in maintaining circulation in the anal piece movement.
• Promotes sound circulation & venal magnitude of veins ,Capillaries and tissues.
Red Capsules : 2 capsule thrice a day after meals or as directed by the physician
Green Capsules :- 1 capsules at night with milk at night after meals as directed by the physician


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